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The Best In Table Top Advertising
Connecting Your Business To Your  Customer Each day, your customer sees 1,500 ads between
TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc. 
Which ones do they remember? 

The ones they see for the
longest period at a time: 
Our TableTop Advertising.
Your FULL COLOR AD on the table of a famous local restaurant for 2 years!!

We  replace the  tables in your favorite
restaurant with beautiful hard-wood tables
with photographic quality advertisements,
then coated with layers of epoxy for protection.

They will last for years!! 
The tables will never wear out. 

Your customer can't
 "Turn the page"
"Lower the volume"
"Change the channel". 
They are forced to see your ads,
at a time when they are most vulnerable.
While they are relaxed eating a meal.

Your ad will be there for 2 years. (730 Days!!)
at an investment of less than .25 per day. 
Less than a penny per impression!!!

As you can see,
Table Top Advertising is the
 Best Value For
Your Advertising Dollar.

Now Find Out WHY!!
Testimonial Letters

"Active Table Ads is setting the table
with YOUR business in mind!"