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We look at the prices for advertising in the local area.
We average, multiply, divide, subtract and calculate
Then we arrive at a price that compares like this.

Whatever size PRINT ad you are currently using:
Table Top Advertising for 2 YEARS costs about
as  much as  the local newspaper for 2-3 DAYS!!
(Des Moines Register for similar size ad figured in col. inches, non-contracted advertiser)
Table Top Advertising for 2 YEARS costs about
as  much as  the yellow pages for 1 Month!!
(Yellow Book, Des Moines, IA. Similar size ad figured in column inches)

Our Medium sized ads, 16-24 square inches, on a table top
Compares to Radio or Television like this:
Table Top Advertising for 2 YEARS costs about as much
as local radio ads for 10 days. 
(3 ads per day.  Avg. $31. per ad in Des Moines market. Price varies by season and time)
Table Top Advertising for 2 YEARS costs about
as  much as local TV for 30 minutes of 30 second spots!!
(Prices average about $12 daytime, $75 primetime for 30 seconds)
We have many different size ads, and 3 different discounts available.
We will be glad to come to your office and show you all the sizes and prices.
If all of the "decision makers" are in attendance at the
presentation, you should have no problem making a positive decision.
We reward you for this, up to $100*
REFERRALS: . $5 for each referral you can give us, while we are with you.
PAY-IN-FULL:  . 5%   Discount given for full payment at presentation.
(All major credit cards or checks accepted)
2-PAYMENT PLAN DISCOUNT:  . 2 %  Pay Deposit at presentation and
balance at proof acceptance
*"Time Of Presentation" discount cannot be used along with "Referral Discount".  Use which ever is more!!

How To Create An Ad!!