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Free Tabletops Every 3 Years

The National Restaurant Association recommends a
restaurant do a major “change” every 3 years.

For example, New tables, new color on the walls, new floor layouts

There are 20 to 32 ads
on the table

Guess where the advertising businesses are going to eat especially when they want to take a client for a meal. To the restaurant where their ad is displayed on the tabletop, of course!

Public relations to the community

We will go business to business,
bragging about your restaurant specialties, etc.

People Talk About The Ads

These tables are very unique. People talk about them. When people mention an advertiser in conversation, they are also mentioning your restaurant.

Ads Occupy Dead Time
For Servers

Most restaurants say is number 1 benefit is that we occupy the dead time before the server can get to them to take their order and while the order is being prepared.


Advertisers would rather
eat at your restaurant,
than a chain or franchise.

Many business owners' toughest competition is the big chains.

Many businesses owner’s
would rather keep their
food dollars local.

Whether or not they take advantage
of this program,  it improves their feelings  toward you.

But Why You? 

You DESERVE it! - You’ve PAID Your Dues!  

We have very strict requirements
for the restaurant we chose in an area.

Does your restaurant qualify????

One of the restaurants in your area, will qualify for
this program, and the . FREE offer, and you could be the one. 

We will fill out the Restaurant Profile and determine if you qualify.  

NOTE:  Don’t delay! Our distributors work on a strict schedule and are probably working towards a deadline in your area. 

Grab this FREE package to Promote Your Restaurant Today!